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2016 Berkeley Lab SHARES Campaign

Welcome to 2017 Berkeley Lab SHARES!

This website is designed to assist lab employees wishing to support charitable organizations with a tax-deductible contribution. Note that payroll contributions are not pre-tax deductions and that Berkeley Lab does not offer to match employee donations.

To get started, browse participating charities in the 2017 Berkeley Lab Shares donor guide, a 20 page document that lists nearly 700 participating charities.   (Allow a few seconds for the document to load.)  To facilitate your search, you can also use the Charity Federations menu on the right to visit the pages dedicated to each of the five federations featured in the donor guide. Read below about how to add any 501(c)3 organization to your payroll deductions request.

 How to give

One-off donations

Find your charity by viewing the donor guide or by visiting the pages organized by charity federation in the menu or below.  Click the link to the organization’s web page and follow instructions to complete your donation.

Bay Area Black United Fund (52 choices)

EarthShare California (113 choices)

Global Impact (65 choices)

Local Independent Charities (350 choices)

Community Health Charities (112 choices)

By payroll deduction [Closed – the deadline to request payroll deductions for the 2018 calendar year was 11/14/2017]

Berkeley Lab Payroll will support your request to deduct contributions from your salary for the 2018 calendar year.

To elect payroll deductions,
fill out this form.

Any 501(c)3 organization is eligible to receive a donation.  If you select a charity not on the list, please include its name, address, website and tax ID information in the fill-in box of the form.  

Note: If you wish to donate to multiple charities, you must complete a separate form for each one.
Important:  The deadline for submitting payroll deduction forms is Tuesday, November 14, 2017.  If you miss the deadline, you can still make one-off donations by visiting the charitable organizations’ sites and donating directly to them.

Please contact Debbie Wendt 486-5183 or [email protected] if you encounter issues while submitting your form.